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Your World, Your Inspiration!

Your World, Your Inspiration!

By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC,

Owner of Sunlight Interiors
By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC, Owner of Sunlight Interiors
Sunlight Interiors Livingroom full of light

My friends say that, as an interior designer, I must have a lot of fun choosing colours and fashions all the time. Well, yes, I do. But that’s a very small part of what needs to be done! Every client has different needs and budgets. One size  never fits all. Every project is custom tailored to suit the client. Can we save some space by removing some walls?  Support favourite activities with the right illumination, furniture, equipment? Can we hide a TV behind a painting that moves at the touch of a remote control? The answer is yes, we can do that and much more.

Interior design is about customizing spaces to function better and provide support for the activities that you would like to have occur in that space. Design showcases style and personality, works on optimal placement for existing artwork, and assists in the selection of new acquisitions, too.

Like music, interior design is powerful; it can influence behaviour. It can inspire movement or relaxation. It can literally propel you into activity or stop you from entering a space, without the need of walls or doors. Everything we do as interior designers produces such marked effects, we have to listen carefully and plan thoughtfully so that we achieve the desired effects our clients want!

For example, the owners of the beautiful room, featured in the photo above, had very specific requirements. Coming  from different geo-ethnic cultures, one loves a contemporary and West Coast style, while the other enjoys more a traditional ambience to display antiques. We worked very closely with both to ensure that their entire home would reflect who they are as a couple, building on overlaps, and featuring differences in a harmonious way. Their home now represents who they are as a couple, showcasing the richness of their cultural diversity with large open areas and cozy  welcoming corners for entertaining.

Every client, and every area of the home, must be treated with equal degree of thought.

Please give me a call if I can help you customize functional spaces for your home. I welcome a personal  conversation with you.

Maria can be reached through her Sunlight Interiors portal listing on GoWestShore.

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