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XX Acoustic Night Performers

By Darcy’s Pub Westshore, Manager

It’s truly amazing that almost every night of the week at Darcy’s Pub (WestShore), you can experience a host of talented, local groups and individuals ready and willing to perform for you. The ‘XX Acoustic Show’, held on Thursday, June 28, was exceptional in that it was dedicated to showcasing local female singer-song writers. The audience enjoyed an intimate, live acoustic experience with performances by Jillian Goddard, Jessica Laura Dziadyk, Hannah Gentes, Rebecca Barritt, Morgan Buxton, Jenny West Cooney, Amelia Brownridge and Musa Heinen. Here’s more about a few of these aspiring, talented women.


Hannah Gentes is a Saulteaux and Metis woman who has been a visitor on the Coast Salish territories for four years. A student park ranger by day in the summer and an Indigenous political musician by night, Hannah dedicates her time to finding ways to represent the beautiful land we live on in different ways. Her educational goals include becoming an Indigenous lawyer in hopes to work with land rights. Her musical goals describe a mix of personal and collective indigenous experiences that relate to those living a similar life and to educate those who have been sheltered from Indigenous realities.

Rebecca Barritt comes from Rossland, BC. The only constant in life has been her passion for music. Her first songs were written at the tender age of 6 in front of a Fisher-Price tape recorder—and she never stopped. Rebecca’s style of soulful, sultry song writing has been influenced by many styles of music from classical, jazz, folk and indie. As a songwriter, Rebecca is fiercely honest and defiantly vulnerable, never shying away from the beauty, complexities, and hidden fears that come with being alive. She is currently fronting the Victoria-based band ‘Phantom Thieves’.

Morgan Buxton was born and raised in Port Alberni, BC. Morgan Buxton started performing at the tender age of three. Now 23, Morgan passes her days writing music about the magnificence and melancholy that is life. She hopes to educate and inspire people with the written word and finds joy in her current work as a support worker for adults with diverse abilities. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Victoria with a focus on screenwriting.

Musa Heinen is a 21-yearold singer-songwriter from Victoria, BC. She grew up writing lyrics for her dad’s trance tracks, studied vocal jazz in Toronto, ON, and is currently a fourth year English Honours student at UVic, working towards a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. She and Amelia Brownridge have performed at various local venues such as Darcy’s Westshore, Earl’s, Centennial Square and the Breakwater Café. There is nothing she loves more than voicing her thoughts and feelings in beautiful harmony

Jessica Dziadyk is a singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC. As a true west-coast native, music has always been a passion for her. She grew up playing guitar, ukulele, and piano. Jessica brings a feisty balance of country and pop, which compliments her largerthan-life, yet laid back personality. Her repertoire consists of original material as well as many popular cover songs. Jessica regularly performs at the Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, Darcy’s Pub Westshore, and the Penny Farthing Public House in Oak Bay.

Amelia Brownridge is a 21-year-old singer songwriter living in Victoria, BC. She and her friend Musa have been playing venues around the Victoria area since they were 15 and both have grown to have a deep and sincere passion for music and performance.

Jillian Goddard found her way onto a stage at the age of six and since then her desire to create music has been a constant outlet grounding her through the ups and downs of life. Her taste for travel, adventure and love has brought out a song-writing passion she is eager to share.

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