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What’s Your 2018 Spending Plan?

What’s Your 2018 Spending Plan?

By Kam Brar, Auxilium Mortgage Corporation

“I’ve helped many clients achieve goals
that they thought were impossible.”

—Kam Brar

The top New Year’s financial resolution is paying off debt, followed by saving more.

Here are 3 tips to help make 2018 the year you finally achieve your financial goals.

1. Set a Budget
The most basic tool to meet your financial targets is a budget. Think of it as a spending plan, making sure you spend less money than you earn. After trying out a realistic budget, most people agree that the alternative – being in debt – is much worse.

2. Know Your Credit Score
Your credit matters more than ever! You can receive one free credit report each year, either from TransUnion or Equifax. If you haven’t set a date when you run your own credit check, order yours today and get your full financial picture.

3. Start Your Savings
Whatever you’re saving for, your spending plan will tell you how much you can set aside for that goal. To keep yourself motivated along the way – and to make sure you stick to the plan – set up little rewards as you reach milestones.

I’ve helped many clients achieve goals that they thought were impossible. If owning a home is your resolution this year, my team at Auxilium Mortgage can help by pre-qualifying you for a mortgage.

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