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By Emma Forster Manager, Island Pet Source

People always ask me: what’s the best dog breed? That’s a hard question to answer. All dog owners have a favourite! Maybe the better question is: what type of dog would fit in best with your lifestyle?

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Selecting a new dog, whether it’s your first puppy or a rescued adult, is an exciting, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming process. People too often have a predetermined idea about the type of dog they want. Yet, when it comes to deciding which dogs make the best pets for you, it’s essential, as a first step, to consider your lifestyle and the environment you live in. The health and happiness of your pet depends on it!

• Matching your new dog’s energy level to your family is more important than seeking out a particular breed. For example, be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide to a dog with more than average exercise requirements. If you can’t see yourself out jogging every morning, choose a breed that requires less activity. High energy breeds left unexercised can lead to behavior problems down the road.

• Consider an agreeable temperament with an ability to form strong bonds if you are looking for a great companion for kids, or a working breed if you live in or near wide open spaces and enjoy frequent outdoor adventures.

• Size—some larger dogs tend to be docile, while some smaller dogs can be excitable. Once you understand what you have to offer as a pet parent, ask the advice of the breeder or rescue

organization to ensure as ideal a match as possible. Ultimately, the best dog for you depends on how well you and your pet’s needs compliment each other.

The first few weeks together will form the basis for your relationship with the new addition. Arrange time to speak with a trainer about basic obedience, sign up for agility classes or check out doggie daycare options. All of these activities will strengthen your bond with the dog and give you confidence as a pet parent. It’s very satisfying for us at Island Pet Source to see happy people and healthy pets.

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