Showcasing the Best of the West Shore!

Finally… an initiative to stimulate economic growth for your business, directing locals, visitors and investors to explore and stay in the West Shore. The GoWestShore printed map and online directory offers a great way to collaborate and advertise!

Here’s how:

  • Great print exposure with ad spaces available on the GoWestShore map, with an impressive distribution of 150,000 copies throughout the CRD!
  • An online directory exclusively for West Shore businesses, with customizable profile listings showcasing products, services, links, special offers and more!
  • An interactive online directory promoting what to see and do in the West Shore!

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Concierge Map

The West Shore is a region that currently does not have a strong, cartographic identity to endorse itself.

Strategic Partners, Hotel & Hospitality Networks and Community Stakeholders across the Capital Region will promote the West Shore by circulating the GoWestShore Concierge Map to Victoria-bound tourists as well as residents throughout the Capital Region. The map is highly engaging with iconic highlights of architectural buildings, parks & funky attraction markers. Collectively these elements along with business ads around the outer parameter are poised to help tell “Our Story” and encourage users to extend their stay to explore the West Shore’s world-class lifestyle and public, cultural, sport & commercial amenities.  Conceivably, visitors will enjoy their experiences so much they will want to return to play, invest and live in our family-friendly, business-oriented West Shore community.

Given that Canada will be celebrating its historic sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017, an attractive visual map of the West Shore will foster a proud, united identity for the Community & create a legacy for future generations.

GoWestShore Concierge Map Distribution Network

  • Strategic Partners & Advertisers
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Hotel & Hospitality Network
  • Tourist Info Centres
  • Municipalities & Community Stakeholders
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Major Sports and Cultural Attractions
  • Local Events & Activities

One side of the GoWestShore Concierge Map has a regional focus with vertical and oval medallion ads around the outside. The other side of the print map has various insets highlighting popular neighbourhoods and districts of interest. The insets will have more of a walking map feel with a close up perspective and include horizontal ads around the outside.

Concierge Map Ad Package

For the GoWestShore Concierge Print Map – 2017 Sesquicentennial Special, we have created a Concierge Print Map Ad Package to make it easy for you choose the package elements that suit your organization’s needs. Simply select what works for you from the following options:

    1. Outer Feature Ad – Vertical Or Horizontal – FREE Bonus: includes a GoWestShore Annual Membership & online Directory Listing *
      • Concierge Ad is cross referenced to physical location with numeric marker
      • Only 58 outer ad spots available – Limit of 3 ad blocks combinations per advertiser
    2. Oval Medallion AdFREE Bonus: includes a GoWestShore Annual Membership & online Directory Listing *
      • Concierge Ad is cross referenced to physical location with numeric marker
      • Only 20 oval ad spots available – Limit of 1 per business
    3. ADD-ON Map Icon – Highlight your business or organization’s physical map location with an iconic image of your building, site or brand
    4. ADD-ON Logo – Add your logo as your business or organization’s physical map location

* Free Bonus GoWestShore Annual Membership is limited to 1 per organization member.

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Interactive Portal

More than a Directory. Why we need a collaboration Portal

What better way to showcase the West Shore’s public, cultural & commercial amenities to visitors and those interested in utilizing the goods, services and infrastructure our communities have invested in than an Interactive Portal.

While the West Shore is one of the fastest growing regions on Vancouver Island and BC, one thing that makes this challenging is that the players, amenities and offerings change, improve and grow just as quickly.

Right now is the second time in the past decade that the West Shore has seen an influx of new businesses, developments, neighbourhoods and more recently schools, community centers and world class sports facilities. This time however, there is a confidence in the air about the economic sustainability, which is in itself, a magnet for even more businesses and organizations to want to invest and not miss out on the “opportunity”.

At the end of the day, in order for our communities to fully benefit, we all need to be pulling in the same direction. Organizations and stakeholders need to collaborate. Municipalities and businesses need to be leaders first. Residents and visitors need to be informed and support local.

GoWestShore Membership

GoWestShore & automatically increase your odds!

#GoWestShore can help contribute to the economic stimulus of the West Shore communities and stakeholders through it’s collaboration infrastructure and marketing strategies. Businesses and investors that come onboard already know that in order to get something out of the community, it is essential to give to the community.

#GoWestShore is committed to lead this initiative and work with the business community and municipal leaders to ensure this collaboration is a success story. Our goal is to maximize the exposure of participating partners so that they see more traffic, promote and encourage the use of the portal members goods & services to build loyalty, and ultimately generate a positive economic return on investment to stakeholders. Organizations of all sizes can become collaboration partners, and as the #GoWestShore portal grows, the leverage and results will increase exponentially.

How our #GoWestShore Portal works

Recognizing that people look for things in different ways, #GoWestShore has been building an online infrastructure and tools s that user can quickly and easily find what they are looking for in one convenient place.

The online interactive portal also overcomes challenges that some smaller organizations may experience due to a lack of resources or know how with regards to building and maintaining an online presence. #GoWestShore eliminates this restriction, and has the talent and experience required to maintain the portal on behalf of all members.  This ensures the portal keeps pace with technology, and meets the criteria and requirements that search engines demand to ensure search and find is even possible (like mobile responsiveness, SSL certification, SEO optimization). The portal extends capabilities of e-commerce, communications, voting and reviews, social sharing, tracking & analytics and so much more.

Leverage the #GoWestShore Initiative and take your business or organization to a new level.


  1. Standard Membership includes:
  • One profile listing in the GoWestShore online directory with custom search capabilities for users to find you by category, location, amenities or keywords.
  • All profiles include key contact info, content area for your Offers, Specials, Promotions, hours of operation, areas to include your Social Links, multiple Images, 1 Video, 3D imaging, a built in Contact Form that sends user queries directly to you, ability for Users to rate you by Star Ratings & post Reviews along with an image (moderated), Geo-Location with Map Marker and Directions from current position or another address (with direction options via multiple transportation modes), Social Media sharing, Add to Favourites, and much more.
  • Standard Memberships and Directory Listings are renewed annually.
  • All Memberships are limited to organizations with a physical address within the West Shore. If you do not qualify, please refer to our Digital Ads tab.
  • NOTE: Members that purchase a Concierge Outer or Oval Ad automatically receive a GoWestShore Annual Standard Membership & Directory Listing as a FREE Bonus.

2. Featured Listing Membership Upgrade includes:

  • Members can upgrade their standard directory listing to a Featured Listing which will provide additional visibility on the portal.
  • Featured listings are highlighted in a variety of high profile page areas. Featured Listings will be placed into selected areas and pages by the administrator based on category, amenity, or location and displayed with other related Featured Listings.
  • In some cases GoWestShore will showcase special events, public places or new neighbourhoods and may select topically relevant Featured Listings to be included.
  • Featured Membership Upgrade is only available to members who already have a Standard membership and are also renewed annually.

3. Listing Add-ons (al a carte):

  • Extra Standard Listing – Perfect for organizations that have multiple locations. Extra profile listings include everything that comes with a standard listing.
  • Extra Listing Search Category – Essential if your organization has multiple departments, divisions or key revenue drivers
  • Events – Let the community know about your special events

Stay tuned for cool Portal Features coming in 2017 that can enhance your organization, profile and listing even more:

  • Coupons & Special Offers
  • e-Commerce to sell goods & services
  • Take Reservations / Appointment Bookings
  • Live Cam to stream your event or locations current activities
  • #GoPass to offer social users an incentive when showing the badge at your organization

Click the Westshore Town Centre Special tab to lock in your offer and connect your organization today! Or click here to explore other membership and ad packages with GoWestShore.

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Digital Ads

Digital Advertising opportunities throughout the GoWestShore Interactive Portal will be available later in 2017.

This is perfect for organizations that want to laser target their efforts, leverage special events or initiatives that are showcased through the portal.

Digital Ads are also a great option for Non-WestShore organizations as the GoWestShore Memberships and Directory Listings are exclusively for organizations with a physical address within the West Shore region.

Please check back with us in Q2 as we prepare the portal for Digital Display Ads with both Rotational & Exclusive Options.

For Digital Ads Inquiries call 778-400-3955 or complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Custom Map

Custom Maps

Need a custom map to help share your Vision, Legacy or History?

We have an exciting opportunity that utilizes the entire inset area on our Concierge Print Map that can be customized for your organizations needs.

Perfect for:

  • Real Estate and Developers
  • Organizations with big plans for celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday
  • Hosting Large Events, International or National championships
  • Showcasing Cultural and Historical Milestone
  • Unique Places and Spaces

For Custom Map Quotes

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  • Ecommerce Packages for Tours, Attractions, Events, on & offline Goods and Services
  • and more!

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