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West Shore now officially on the Map

The GAP Publishing Group Inc. team officially launched their new print GoWestShore Concierge Map at the Victoria Guest Services Network this May. Hot off the press, the cool new map connecting West Shore communities was gobbled up by more than 300 Victoria based Hospitality, Tourism and Tour Operators.

We knew there was a need for a West Shore map, but it’s great to be validated by so many people when they see it for the first time. A common expression is “finally, wow, or its about time!”.

The 2017 GoWestShore Concierge Map is extra special as a Sesquicentennial publication. We were determined that while this map was long overdue for our region, and it may have taken 2017 years to get our own map, the West Shore now has a cartographic representation like no other.

The map definitely showcases the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy with lots of iconic images of great things to see and do in the West Shore. We’ve also included some of the new developments and neighbourhoods that have become popular. There are a few roads that are under construction that we wanted to include as they represent important corridor connections and shortcuts that us locals have been chomping at the bit to see finished.

Free pads of maps are widely distributed throughout the Capital Region including:

  • Strategic Partners and Advertisers
  • Greater Victoria Hotel and Hospitality Network
  • Victoria Tourism and Tourist Info Centres
  • Victoria International Airport
  • Municipalities and Community Stakeholders
  • West Shore City Halls
  • Major Sports and Cultural Attractions
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Local Events and Activities

Our map was initially intended to be highly-targeted to tourists and visitors coming to Victoria and enticing them to extend their travel (and potentially expand their stay) to include the West Shore. But we are pretty confident that with the campaigns and additional GoWestShore publications we have planned, this new tool will enhance the experiences of both visitors and locals alike.

Help us spread the word and if your organization wants a pad of maps, just give us a call!

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