Vitamins for the Eyes

Vitamins for the Eyes

By Dr. Nicholas Catchuk, O.D.
By Nicholas Catchuk, O.D.
Iris Eyecare

Diet and nutrition play an important role in the overall health of the eyes and may even help prevent macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. Omega-3, a fatty acid which can be found naturally in fish, flaxseed and walnuts, is one of the most popular supplements people take today—and for good reason! Your body can’t make them.

Many studies have shown omega-3 may help in treating dry eye syndrome. It can also act as an anti-inflammatory  agent which supports good heart health.

Things to consider in purchasing omega-3 are purity, potency (EPA and DHA) and freshness. Not all omega-3 supplements are the same. The triglyceride form is much better absorbed by the body Vitamin A, C, E also have ocular benefits such as protecting the cornea, preventing dry eyes, night blindness and cataracts.

Some studies have shown that taking Lutein and Zeaxanthin supplements can help improve vision slightly among people who already have cataracts or macular degeneration. They act as antioxidants in the eye and help protect the eyes against harmful blue light. For people with macular degeneration, a long-term study supplement, AREDS 2, combines these supplements together, along with omega-3 and zinc, to help slow down the progression of the disease. Green leafy vegetables, as well as other foods such as eggs, contain these important nutrients, too. While these supplements may benefit many people, they may not be necessary for everyone. Ask your optometrist to see
if these supplements are right for you.

Our team at Iris Eyecare would be pleased to help select the eye nutrition and prevention solution best suited for your needs. Drop in anytime at 109-693 Hoffman Avenue in Langford.

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