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Tremendous Community Vision Realized

Tremendous Community Vision Realized


By Anne Marie Moro

Cherish Living Official Opening Ceremony
Cutting the ribbon are Cherish Living Group’s President & CEO, Micky Fleming and CFO, Dana Adams.

An exclusive invitation to Cherish at Central Park’s Early Bird Opening Ceremony brought out supporters, investors, architects, Langford Mayor, municipal councillors, special guests, staff and community residents to a heart-warming, ribbon-cutting celebration.

Ten years in the making, Cherish at Central Park has realized a philosophy of community living for senior living that could only have been sustained through long-term collaboration with an entire business community.

“Without the support of the City of Langford, this building would not exist,” says Micky Fleming, Founder and CEO of Cherish Living Group. “I can say that with great confidence.

I don’t think we could have done this in any other municipality. The [vision for the] building had some interesting challenges throughout the design and without the assistance and support and understanding of the city who knew what we’re trying to do here for community living residents, we wouldn’t be here.”

The first of 12 investors were present at the ceremony: John and Gabriel Goudy. Fleming graciously thanked them for being the first ones to actually give them a cheque. “Everybody else goes, yeah, the water’s fine, but who else is swimming? Somebody has to jump off the pier first and we’re super grateful to you both and always will be.”

Cherish Living Lobby Piano
Cherish Living at Central Park’s Lobby features a lovely sitting area with a Grand Piano.

“Without the support of the
City of Langford, this building
would not exist. I can say that
with great confidence.”

Thanks also went out to Island Savings for backing the community living vision—and with one of their biggest loans!

The original 10-acre site, where Cherish at Central Park now stands, was the home of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Langford for many years. It was a ten acres property, bought in 1954. As the church aged, the elders and  the pastor envisioned a new future home for their congregation integrated with a community residence on the sames site. The first discussions to build up that vision began in December 9, 2008.

“I don’t think anybody could conceive of a business model that would accommodate having a public place of worship in a building with 39 condos and 103 living residence suites.” says Fleming.

“It was challenging. In fact, some of the solutions came from as far away as Orlando, Georgia and Chicago and culminated in what you see here today. So, like they say, it took us ten years to become an overnight success!”

Lifestyle is at the heart of the Cherish vision, supported by an environment that helps residents feel like they are part of living, happy community. Fleming took a moment to thank the residents who had already shown their  support by moving into the building during the construction phases.

“We call them the founding families,” says Fleming. “When you live through something like this [together], you get  way closer than you would ever expect—and really do become a family. Thank you all for your patience, your trust.  We won’t let you down.”

To learn more about Cherish Living Group and Cherish at Central Park please visit

Guest Room Cherish Living
Cherish at Central Park’s guest bedroom.

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