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The Yard of Your Dreams is Within Reach

The Yard of Your Dreams is Within Reach

By Kam Brar, Auxilium Mortgage Corporation

“I’ve helped many clients achieve goals
that they thought were impossible.”

—Kam Brar

For many of us, our yard is an extension of our living space. One of the reasons people choose to live in the West Shore is to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy their property in this way. But landscaping can be costly: how do you create your private oasis?

It’s important to understand the size and scope of your project. Getting some new annuals from the garden centre is  different proposition than completely re-doing your backyard to put in a meditation garden. As with any investment in your home, do your research and get some professional quotes for the work.

If you own your home, it’s possible to take out some of the equity you’ve built to finance the work. This is especially true if you’re considering a larger project like a swimming pool or outdoor living room that will ultimately make your property more appealing when you choose to sell it.

By refinancing your mortgage to pay for these enhancements, you benefit by only having to make your regular monthly payment towards your home – a payment that includes your landscaping. You’ll also avoid a more expensive solution, such as a personal credit line, credit card, or personal loan.

The Auxilium Team believes that a home is more than just a roof over your head. It’s the yard where your kids will play and the patio where you’ll host your legendary neighbourhood BBQ. Our experienced mortgage brokers are ready to work with you to make the yard of your dreams a reality.

Call or visit us today for more information. Our GoWestShore Portal listing includes all of our contact information.

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