The Road Ahead: What’s an ERA Anyway?

The Road Ahead: What’s an ERA Anyway?

By Kate Wells, Director of Operations, DriveWise BC

ICBC’s new Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) program has created a lot of questions for drivers. Here are answers to the most common concerns.

What is an ERA? It’s a driving re-assessment to evaluate a driver’s functional ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Who has to take the ERA? This is NOT just for seniors. Drivers with a medical condition that could affect their driving may be referred to the ERA. RoadSafetyBC makes the referral based on a person’s driver file, which may include information from medical or policing professionals.

What’s changed? The on-road assessment has been increased to 90 minutes, there is no longer a computer-based component and drivers may use their own vehicle.

What’s involved in the assessment? First, an ICBC driving examiner reviews traffic sign knowledge and vehicle controls. Then there’s a driving component, which includes feedback on things like adequate shoulder checks or maintaining an appropriate speed. Improvement on these issues is monitored during the remainder of the driving assessment.

Should I prepare or practice? Yes! ICBC has study guides that will be helpful to review. You can also ask a friend or family member to accompany you on a drive and give you feedback.

DriveWise hosts free one-hour information sessions with in-depth information about the ERA as well as a Q&A session to help drivers prepare. We’ve also developed a new ERA on-road practice exam for drivers who would like a professional assessment prior to their ERA.

You can find Kate or her father Arther at locations in West Shore and Saanich — Call 250-475-0666.

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