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Take Back Control of Your Bladder

Take Back Control of Your Bladder

Is hesitation about the availability of washroom facilities keeping you from enjoying being outdoors? Bladder leakage is very common, but what many people do not realize is that there is treatment available for many causes of incontinence!

Contributors Jan & Laura from CBI Health Centre
By Laura Traverso B.Sc. PT & Jan Plumb, B.Sc. PT, CBI Health Centre

Here are three myths commonly heard:
#1 – Bladder leakage is normal after having a baby.

Despite being common, leaking urine (urinary incontinence) is not considered normal post-partum. Research has shown that the majority of women who are experiencing leakage at 3 months post-partum, are still incontinent 12 years later. Don’t wait to get help!

#2 – “My Mom and my Grandma had ‘weak bladders’.
There is nothing that can be done”. Although research does demonstrate a family connection with urinary incontinence, it is most often treatable. Treatment may involve addressing an overactive bladder, and/or strengthening the pelvic floor which may be weak or underutilized. In fact, although the bladder does have a muscle layer, it is not usually weakness of this muscle that causes incontinence.

#3 – Pelvic floor rehab is just Kegel exercises.
Strengthening the pelvic floor may be required (with exercises similar to Kegels), however it is estimated that 30% of women perform Kegels incorrectly. Further, Kegels are not always the answer, and in some cases can make things worse. Studies have shown that pelvic floor rehabilitation should be considered as a first line of treatment for women struggling with urinary incontinence, as it can improve or cure symptoms, without surgery. Men can also struggle with incontinence and may benefit from pelvic floor rehabilitation.

For a detailed assessment, treatment and recommendations, give the pelvic floor therapists at CBI Health Langford a call at 250-478-8590.

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