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Take Action and Enjoy Driving for Longer

Take Action and Enjoy Driving for Longer

By Kate Wells, Director of Operations, DriveWise BC

Did you know that a simple set of stretches could help increase your ability to do a proper shoulder check at any age? Taking action on your physical fitness is just one way that drivers can enjoy driving well into their senior years.

Many seniors are accomplished drivers with safe driving histories, but find that driving can become less enjoyable, and even stressful, due to age-related physical changes or medical conditions that can affect their confidence behind the wheel. Any restriction on a driver’s ability to carry out driving maneuvers, like emergency braking, can be cause for concern. A proactive approach can help to keep senior drivers safely on the road for longer.

We encourage all licensed drivers to brush up on their driving knowledge and skills every year or two. Online information and resources are available from ICBC to help drivers stay up to speed on driving rules and best practices. An online quiz can be completed in just a few minutes to provide helpful reminders and information about issues like distracted driving and how to share the road with cyclists.

DriveWise BC has a variety of options, from free information seminars to senior driving assessments with our expert instructors. These tools help senior drivers recognize potential issues and address them where possible, or adjust their driving behaviour in ensure they feel safe behind the wheel.

Would you like to have a DriveWise expert instructor speak to your seniors’ group to share more information and answer questions? Get in touch

Drive Wise has locations in the West Shore and Saanich — Call 250-475-0666 or find all our contact and other information on our portal listing here on GoWestShore.

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