For the first time in the history of the City of Victoria, a zipline attraction has been installed within city limits.

The Victoria HarbourCats have teamed up with WildPlay and TELUS to install a 400-foot zipline to their already entertaining activities available during their West Coast League baseball games. The WildPlay Zipline is believed to be the only currently operating zipline of its kind during a baseball game—adding another great reason for you and your family to take in HarbourCats games, now in its 7th season!

Baseball isn’t always—or just—baseball. The Victoria HarbourCats work very hard to make sure games at Wilson’s Group Stadium at RAP are more than strikes, balls, outs and home runs. The team’s sixth season in the West Coast League has been far more interesting than the standings or box scores. Yes, fans love to follow the team’s hunt for a playoff spot, but the vast majority of those attending games are there for other reasons, rooted in the sense of community that happens when you spend a pleasant evening at the ballpark.

There’s no such thing as complacency around the Victoria HarbourCats—the coaching staff, the roster or the experience for fans.

Our ballpark has a new name too, thanks to the tremendous support of The Wilson’s Group of Companies. It’s now officially known as Wilson’s Group Stadium at Royal Athletic Park.