Looking ahead to find things to do as a family this summer and yet make it an experience that everyone can enjoy, too? Nothing is more magical than a shared, live musical experience. Forget the headphones, streaming music on your computer, CD player or car radio. How about taking your family to a place where music is the entire focus, where, enraptured by music, your everyday world dissolves into a symphony of glorious sound!

Karel Roessingh is an accomplished composer, arranger, producer and musician extraordinaire. He has written scores for over five hundred television episodes, many award-winning films, documentaries and promotional videos as well as performing on countless recordings for other artists. He has produced more than fifteen of his own recordings, including several for the Canadian Naturescape series, two jazz trio CDs and many solo piano CDs. He has performed with symphony orchestras and rock, jazz, folk show and country ensembles throughout the world.

I went to visit him at his home and ‘treehouse’ studio in the Highlands last month to find out more about him, his amazing life and inspired music.