As days gradually get longer and warmer, I start thinking about the new food-growing season in our back yard, sundeck, patio, and window ledges. Our dependence on imported food, both from off island and beyond, has become so acute, it’s putting us at the mercy of global corporations and giant retailers for the very nutrition that we all need to sustain us.

Be around food every day, like I am, and eventually you’d realize that the way you feel about food is very different from the everyday reality of most people in our society! Sadly, for the past 50 years, North Americans have been progressively disassociating themselves from the value of the ingredients and dishes that sustain them. It seems to me that we are in a phase where the notion of preparing, sharing, relishing, and socializing around food appears to be shifting to convenience foods—preferably food you can eat with your hands. Certainly, there are ‘foodies’ who embrace the principles of healthy, sustainable, local, community driven food systems; but in general, busy lives shape the way most people eat today.