As the weather gets colder and thoughts turn to Christmas parties and time off work with family, Shamrocks’ Head Coach Bob Heyes, Captain Matt Yager and top goal scorer, Rhys Duch, talk about what the holidays mean to the.

Bob Heyes: “The last few years we have taken in a play at Chemainus Theatre— which I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy at the time— but, now look forward to every year. We rotate having a big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Then Christmas morning is visiting family around Victoria and upisland. It is always about family with lots of storytelling, memories, and great food. I also look forward to the World Junior Hockey Tournament starting on Boxing Day; maybe Santa Claus will find me a couple of tickets for a game in Victoria this year!”

Shamrocks fans know what they like—even when it comes to their hats, hoodies, and tees! Cathy Kozina, Fan Experience Coordinator with the club, knows that better than anyone.

“The club definitely has very high standards,” said Kozina. “So, it’s important to maintain that standard of quality through every interaction a fan might have with the Shamrocks; and that includes working with partners who can help us design and produce quality merchandise.”