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In North America, the most common methods of preserving a harvest are freezing and canning. However, there are numerous old-world alternatives.

Drying is probably one of the simplest ways of preserving foods. Many foods, including apples, tomatoes, grapes, plums, apricots, cherries, bananas and currants, dry well. Stringdried apples are great for snacks and for baking. Peel, core and slice crisp apples. Our apple peeler/corer (EV120) can perform all three operations in about 5 seconds per apple. Thread the apple slices on a string and hang to dry for several days, then store in containers for up to a year.

Westshore Basketball is proud to begin our 13th year of operation; 7th under our current configuration. We pride ourselves on teaching the game of basketball to youth of all ages and abilities. Our proven model of development has contributed to the continued success of Western Communities High School teams with the Belmont Junior and Senior Boys teams finishing 4th at BC Provincials in 2018. Both boys teams had many players who have learned the game through Westshore Basketball. Members of our girls program routinely finish top 3 in Victoria in middle school play and continue this success on high school teams.

The Victoria Shamrocks are a franchise that is dedicated to healthy living with a focus nutrition and proper diet. That dedication goes far beyond the action fans actually see on the court: that is, the lifestyle choices Shamrock players make every day and the positive impact their choices have on how they perform. This past Spring, the Shamrocks teamed up with Subway and South Vancouver Island School Districts to launch the ‘Commit to Fit’ program.

Did you know that 90% of Canadians support organ donation, but only 20% are registered? There are currently over 600 people waiting for an organ transplant in British Columbia alone, many of them children. This is something the David Foster Foundation is trying to change!

On July 30 to August 2, 2018, distinguished donors from all over North America gathered at the Villa Eyrie Resort to attend the David Foster Foundation’s ‘Simply Spectacular Experience on Vancouver Island’. In partnership with the GAIN Group, the event raised two million dollars in support of families with children going through the life-saving organ transplant process.

Westshore Town Centre is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the West Shore Arts Council and the Coast Collective to bring the West Shore community a unique gallery and gift pop-up shop at Westshore Town Centre.

Together, they have created a space where gifted artists from the Coast Collective can display, showcase and sell their one-of-a-kind works of art to new audiences in the West Shore and beyond. The art works utilize a variety of mediums from photographs, textiles, jewellery, children’s toys, pottery, paintings and more. All will be on display in the pop-up space, ready for purchase and your enjoyment, from July 26 to October 15. Alongside these wonderfully creative works of art, Westshore Town Centre stores have added some of their latest fashion and accessory trends for your browsing pleasure.

U-bicycle North America, Western Canada’s first station-less bicycle-sharing platform, has officially launched in Langford with eight virtual parking zone locations around the City.

This May, U-bicycle placed its first station at Belmont Residences. The property backs onto the Galloping Goose Trail and is biking distance to Langford Lake, regional parks and other convenient amenities, making this U-bicycle station a frequented stop for Langford residents.

The partnership between Belmont Residences and U-bicycle has been a smooth ride. They are sponsoring half of the network (30 bikes) and the other half is sponsored by the City of Langford.

The need to say goodbye is a universal human experience.

Through every era and across all cultures, our families, friends and communities commemorate the death of someone special with ceremonies to mark their passing.

Over the years in Canada, this ritual has become a standardized service recognized as the “classic funeral.” This beautiful, traditional format is still the right choice for many families; but today, you can choose a different approach for a more personalized event

Sometimes the journey to your perfect home takes more twists and turns than you expected. This was the case for Sharon and Susanne, who worked with the Auxilium Team for over two years to purchase the property they now call home.

Susanne originally approached us knowing that she had to rebuild her credit due to a previous bankruptcy. Susanne worked with a dedicated team member to learn more about what a lender would be looking for when she eventually applied for a mortgage. With the support of periodic check-ins from us to make sure she was on track with her progress – a key feature of Auxilium’s ‘Rent No More’ program – Susanne did the hard work and successfully re-established a strong credit report with a great score.