In a nutshell, the British Columbia Wills Variation Act is the statute which permits a surviving spouse or children to contest a will on the basis that it does not make adequate provision for the claimant. The class of eligible claimants includes the surviving spouse, common-law spouse, same-sex spouse and both the natural and adopted children of the deceased.

Using insurance contracts with products like segregated funds, GICs, or annuities in your estate plan can be hugely beneficial for many reasons.

When you start feeling like the house, the yard, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping are all getting to be too much, you might be ready for something in housing that serves you better! You know you’re not ready for the classic “old folks’ home.” But you are ready to take life a little easier and start a new chapter. So, where do you start?

There are many living options out there. If you are thinking of a Retirement Home—but something a little different— Community Living is another viable, and very popular, option in today’s market. Start by taking stock of exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, price and size are always a consideration. Be sure that you know what each place includes in their rental fee; things like: utilities, meals, activities, bus tours, emergency pendants, parking, and optional charges.

Do you remember when you were a kid or when you had a young family—the excitement of Christmas? The shopping, the presents, the meals, baking goodies, decorating, the laughter and all the fun! The holidays were a time when families gathered together to celebrate.

But, for many seniors, it can be a time of loneliness and despair. Those seniors who are unable to drive or don’t have family or friends to help them or visit them, see a very different version of “holiday cheer.” They have an ever-decreasing circle of friends. Most other people don’t understand their situation or feelings. Seniors often avoid venturing outside in inclement weather for fear of falling. They can begin to feel unwanted, not included, unimportant and unloved.

Expect Seniors to have questions about Cannabis, just like the rest of us! Yet, seniors are more at risk simply because of age-related changes that they are experiencing at this time in their lives.

The Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health is studying to get a better understanding on how marijuana affects seniors. Unfortunately, not enough scientific research has been done to state categorically what the risks are.

Learn about Cannabis for Seniors at Cherish Living’s Nov 2018 Lunch & Learn.
Our special speaker will guide you through questions like:
“Will cannabis oil take away my arthritis pain naturally?”
“Will I feel high? Will I see things?”
“Will I jump off a building?”
“Is ‘Reefer Madness’ real? What about eating it?”

Come get answers to your questions and learn more about CBD oil—a natural, non-hallucinogenic ingredient extracted from cannabis— that may work for you.

Cherish is pleased to introduce Katherine Walker as our keynote speaker. She is an accomplished professional who has used CBD products for 100% natural pain management to eliminate pharmaceutical drugs from her life.

Many people recognize Bob Saunders as the face of his family business and the ‘Saunders Family Foundation’, a non-profit foundation to benefit youth and sports in Greater Victoria. It turns out that Bob is also known for getting people to to do all kinds of things, even when they don’t know they are doing it!

We met up with Dave Saunders who explained how both his parents had a huge influence on the family and community they love so dearly. And of course, some of the ways Bob grew into his character!

In some cases, having a will may not be enough. We are all aware that family dynamics are becoming increasingly diverse, and when it comes to planning your legacy, things are rarely as simple as they once were. Even the most straight forward estate can benefit from avoiding probate and all the associated time, energy, and costs.

There are many different options available to carefully construct an estate plan to provide maximum benefits and minimize complications for your family members.

I work with many seniors & clients that have been in their home for years. The family is gone and they know they need to move into something smaller and with less maintenance. But just the thought of moving from a home is very overwhelming for them. Downsizing is especially daunting if they have been living in their current home for 20 years or more. It is like being a first-time buyer and seller all over again—not to mention the decades of accumulated stuff that built up over the years.

If you are considering downsizing, let me offer you some tips that can make your feelings about moving less stressful.

Most adults understand the concept that a Will is an important document to create when you have assets, debts and, most importantly, minor children. However, many people are unaware that a Will only plays part of the role in a well thought out Estate plan.

In the event of your death, your Will kicks in and your named Executor takes over handling your legal and financial affairs. But what happens if tragedy strikes and you are still alive? Who would take care of your everyday bills, daily financial affairs and potentially even manage all of your assets, including your Real Estate if you were unable to?

We might live in the ‘Age of Connectivity’, but surveys tell us that we may be far lonelier than we imagined. As services such as banking and grocery shopping move online, people are losing convenient opportunities to connect with one another. Statistics Canada reports that 1.4 million seniors say they’re lonely. And it’s not only the elderly. Social isolation can impact anyone at any point during the course of their lives. Young people are experiencing epidemic levels of loneliness. The impact is not inconsequential. We humans are meant to be social, and if we do not get enough human contact, the joy and the quality of our lives diminishes.