As promised last month, here is something gluten free for a jaw-dropping summer dessert with lots of delicious variations that can also be prepared year-round. Semi freddo is an Italian dessert and literally translates as “half frozen”. The beauty of this tantalising creation is that it works so well with many flavours to pair with almost innumerable garnishes and accents. It is light and delicate, yet rich and luxurious all at the same time. Its preparation does take some care and finesse but overall, it is relatively simple to accomplish. The texture should be silky, smooth and soft, almost like whipped cream, but at the same time dense and succulent. A nice semi freddo will melt almost instantly on the tongue when eaten and should not be too hard. The right temperature at the time of service will determine the mouth feel, so be sure to let it ‘warm up’ or temper before serving. It is important to measure the ingredients accurately so that the right balance of egg yolks and liquid creates that perfect texture. When done well, it provides a wonderful base for sweet or sour fruits, crisp cookies and crunchy pastries.