Did you know that a simple set of stretches could help increase your ability to do a proper shoulder check at any age? Taking action on your physical fitness is just one way that drivers can enjoy driving well into their senior years.

Many seniors are accomplished drivers with safe driving histories, but find that driving can become less enjoyable, and even stressful, due to age-related physical changes or medical conditions that can affect their confidence behind the wheel. Any restriction on a driver’s ability to carry out driving maneuvers, like emergency braking, can be cause for concern. A proactive approach can help to keep senior drivers safely on the road for longer.

ICBC’s new Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) program has created a lot of questions for drivers. Here are answers to the most common concerns.

What is an ERA? It’s a driving re-assessment to evaluate a driver’s functional ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Is your teen ready to get behind the wheel? Many parents find it stressful to take on the responsibility of teaching their child to drive. It’s an exciting time for a family but the process of learning to drive can cause friction, stress and safety concerns for all involved. DriveWise has developed a free SafeStart Parent workshop to help parents get off on the right foot and make teaching their child to drive a positive experience for their family.

The weather is warming up and that means more children will be walking to and from school or using bikes and scooters. Many drivers don’t realize that the simple act of slowing to the maximum 30 km/hr. in a school zone can literally save a child’s life.

Here’s why. A child hit by a vehicle at 30 km/hr. has an 0 percent chance of surviving. That drops dramatically to only 10 per cent when speed increases to 50 km/hr. It also takes double the time for a vehicle traveling at 50 km/hr. to react and brake for a sudden stop compared to a vehicle traveling at 30 km/hr. so the chances of a dangerous collision are much greater.

I’m very lucky to have been brought up in a family business. DriveWise BC has been operating for more than 40 years and for many of those, I’ve had the privilege of having some role in the company. Whether it was office cleaner in my elementary school days or director of operations, which is my current role, I’ve looked forward to going to work everyday because I get to work with my family.

A family business isn’t for everyone, but for our family, we’ve taken a lot of pride in building something together. My parents, Pat and Arthur Harris, started our business in 1975 and they are still passionate about delivering high quality driver training and excellent customer service.