Peninsula Co-op and GoWestShore Magazine have teamed up to recognize local groups and organizations who are making a difference in our community with a #Co-opportunityContest.

Each and every month throughout 2020, Peninsula Co-op will be awarding $1,000 cash to 12 contest winners, voted by our GoWestShore followers as the most deserving!

GoWestShore Magazine is now accepting NOMINATIONS for 2020 so, if you are a non-profit, charity or an organizational group serving our community and need some extra support, please take some time over the next few months to nominate yourself.

Peninsula Co-op is well known for its generous contributions over many years to community support programs designed to strengthen local communities. Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing and Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Co-op, explained that despite the growth of Peninsula Co-op over the past decades, giving back has always been an integral feature of their corporate identity!

This Community Co-opportunity initiative with #GoWestShore lets us take it to a whole other level.