Ron and Candace’s family of four was rapidly outgrowing their home. They were trying to decide between another renovation on their existing property or an upgrading to a newer, larger home. A friend referred them to Auxilium to find out what they could afford.

Considering the Options – Our team sat down with Ron and Candace to look at three possible scenarios:
• Refinancing their current mortgage to fund the renovation;
• Selling their home and buying a new one;
• Buying a new home & keeping the existing property as a rental.

You’ve worked hard to save a down payment. You’ve got your dream home in mind. But how do you get from that moment of being ready to actually owning your first home? That was the situation our client, Tom, found himself in.

Tom had saved diligently throughout his career and put aside 15% of the purchase price for a condo unit. He found the property he wanted to buy and negotiated the price. But he wasn’t sure how to finalize his financing, which is how he ended up contacting the Auxilium Team.

What happens when you separate from your partner, but you remain on good terms with each other? For Cecelia and Howard, the answer was building a solid investment in real estate together.

When they first approached the Auxilium Team, Cecelia and Howard owned two houses together, each with a rental suite; she was living in one property, he was living in the other, and they had tenants in place in both suites. They wanted to buy a third property, which Cecelia would move into, turning her existing home into a full rental. In order to make the most of their investment to date, they hoped to use the equity in Howard’s property for the down payment on the new home.

Sometimes the journey to your perfect home takes more twists and turns than you expected. This was the case for Sharon and Susanne, who worked with the Auxilium Team for over two years to purchase the property they now call home.

Susanne originally approached us knowing that she had to rebuild her credit due to a previous bankruptcy. Susanne worked with a dedicated team member to learn more about what a lender would be looking for when she eventually applied for a mortgage. With the support of periodic check-ins from us to make sure she was on track with her progress – a key feature of Auxilium’s ‘Rent No More’ program – Susanne did the hard work and successfully re-established a strong credit report with a great score.

Victoria is a wonderfully vibrant city, but aren’t there times when you just want to get away from it all? That’s how Julia and Cole felt. They are both young professionals who were looking for a place to call home that would allow them to unwind from their busy work days. They found their dream property in a rural estate sale – but there was a catch. The property they were looking at had an aging mobile home on it that would require a lot of work to update once they moved in. Mobile and modular homes are difficult to both lend on and insure for several reasons.

How many times have you heard of friends who had to move out of their rental housing because the owner decided to sell the property? It happens a lot. Such was the case when Dan and his wife, Bonnie, unexpectedly, found out that the house they were renting was up for sale. In their case, they saw it as a great opportunity to buy a permanent home for themselves. As a couple, they were committed to their decision, but realized it would take a larger team to make their dream a reality.

They contacted a realtor to write up an offer and, shortly after that, the realtor referred them to Auxilium to negotiate the finances they would need for their mortgage.