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The spectacular ‘Vinyl to Victory’ music competition held at Darcy’s Pub in Langford in March attracted 56 bands of which 16 bands were selected to compete. Our congratulations go out to ‘Teenage Violets’ who took home the $3,000 first prize money on the final night of the competition (March 29). Well done, guys!

While workers diligently race to complete the final touches on the Bear Mountain Parkway in time for its grand opening, I caught up with Mayor Stew Young to find out more about him, and his no-nonsense approach to running the City of Langford like a business.

Langford is the fastest growing municipality in the CRD. To become West Shore’s business hub, Langford has attracted large retail and wholesale stores, light industrial companies, and dozens of small businesses with a streamlined re-zoning process to serve an ever-growing consumer market.

Business and population growth has allowed the progressive Mayor and Council to invest in community development. Beautifying city streets and creating more recreation options for their residents, indoor and outdoor, are just a few of the City’s public projects made possible by their increased tax base.

I met with Adam Barter, a founding member of this talented West Shore group, to hear about new directions that they’re taking right now.
High Noon to Midnight consists of four guys who share the simple notion that music sounds better when you have a damn good time making it. The rock tunes they create reflect this idea and pay tribute to each member’s very different musical background and influences. Simply put, this is a band that you must see live. With soulful, emotionally-driven vocals and blistering saxophone solos, their creatively crafted songs take on a life of their own. High Noon to Midnight delivers the goods every time they hit the stage.

It’s easy to understand the dog park’s appeal. We imagine our dogs having a great time running around, meeting new dog pals, playing nicely and sharing the space. Unfortunately, sometimes, the reality doesn’t live up to our expectations. The truth is that dog parks are not a fun, exciting playground for every dog. Some dogs are nervous in off-leash, uncontrolled situations with strange dogs so it’s important that you understand your dog’s comfort level before visiting the dog park.

Cheers to leaving April showers in the dust and embracing the beautiful month of May! One wine you’ll find on our picnic table this spring is the ‘Mortar and Pestle Cabernet Merlot’. This Aussie gem offers aromas of red cherry and blackcurrants and flavours of milk chocolate on the palate. Try it with a Caprese-stuffed veggie burger and kick the whole experience up a notch for a fantastic spring pairing. The classic red blend has rich, ripe red fruit flavours and pairs perfectly with richer, intensely flavoured dishes. The intensity of the pesto and fresh tomatoes stand up to the bold fruit flavours while the creamy mozzarella matches the long, smooth finish. Don’t just take our word for it, try this delicious pairing for yourself!

Over 3 million people in Canada are diabetic and over 5 million are pre-diabetic. Diabetes can affect the eyes in many ways, although the first symptom diabetics may encounter is fluctuation in vision. As the blood sugar levels in the body increase, it may cause a temporary hyperopic shift in a person’s prescription. While that may not seem too serious, every time it occurs it causes the lens within the eye to fill with water, which changes the uniformity of it. Eventually, this may lead to a cataract or opacity of the lens as well as a permanent decrease in vision. The only way to restore vision would be through surgery.

ICBC’s new Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) program has created a lot of questions for drivers. Here are answers to the most common concerns.

What is an ERA? It’s a driving re-assessment to evaluate a driver’s functional ability to safely operate a vehicle.

The newly-constructed Bear Mountain Parkway extension—the City of Langford’s ‘Olympic Corridor’—is now officially open to the public. Approximately 3.5 km long, the $10.5M extension connects the areas of Bear Mountain and South Skirt Mountain to the Leigh Road Interchange/Trans Canada Highway and extend access, via an overpass, into areas of central Langford.

My mother told me nonchalantly the other day that she wasplanning on attending a friend’s funeral later in the week. She also told me that she has reached a point in her life where she finds herself searching obituaries for a familiar face or someone she had known. This has become part of her morning habit.

Over the years my parents have attended many funerals. Dealing with these losses can take a toll, as often the people they lose are part of their support system. As adult children, we can support our parents through this process, even though death is something that makes many people uncomfortable.