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I need you to stop what you’re doing right now and pay attention. If you’re prone to fainting, please sit comfortably in a chair. If you happen to have one of those foil blankets meant for emergencies, maybe grab that, too. What I’m about to say may shock you.

You’re gardening wrong and you probably always have been.

Are you there? Are you still with me? You know how every season you dig up your gardening beds and fluff them around? You spend hours bent over a gardening fork or shovel flipping, slicing and turning the soil because it’s easier for plants’ roots to maneuver through tilled soil? And you do it because it aerates the soil and allows water to run through it more smoothly?

The Artisan’s Garden is in bloom for another eventful year. Along with her plants and flowers, Gwen Fisher, the inspiration behind the Artisan’s Gardens in Sooke, seeks out talented, local artisans to intermingle their art, and vintage or repurposed accessories in her garden for all to enjoy. The big event this year is Gwen’s first ‘Summer Solstice Party’ on June 21 with music, a vintage fashion show, and appies. Plus, it’s a fund raiser for the Sooke Transition House. On June 2, her gardens will be a destination spot for the ‘Sooke Secret Garden Tour’. She and her husband Ed will also be hosting Sooke’s ‘Strawberry Tea & Parlour Show’.

Gwen’s fondest memory last year was the joy she experienced watching her granddaughter engage with garden visitors. She also enjoyed the friendly groups who stop by during the day—like the mother’s walking group who come by with their children to sit, relax and sip coffee with neighbours.

Pasta is one of those kitchen staples that has so many applications, it is impossible to list the myriad of dishes in this short column.

The word ‘pasta’ literally translates into ‘paste’. While the concept of a malleable dough, shaped and cooked is widely accepted as originating in Italy, it truly is a global phenomenon these days—and universally enjoyed. According to the Encyclopedia of Pasta, there are 310 specific forms of pasta with over 1,300 documented names. One particular ‘shape’ (cavetelli) has 28 different names depending on the town or region in which it is made!

With all that said, making pasta is pretty easy. Freshly made pasta right out of the pot with a little butter or olive oil and some fresh herbs is a dish fit for the finest of tables.

As the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series competition passes the halfway mark, the race for the coveted World Series title continues—and it’s headed straight to the newly-renovated Westhills Stadium for the weekend of May 11 and 12!

This round is the second to last tournament before the finale in Biarritz, France in June. Currently, the team to beat is New Zealand who is leading the women’s series standings (60 points). The USA is in second place (48 points) with Canada tied with Australia in third place (46 points).

Get ready, West Shore! From April 23- 27, Westin Bear Mountain Resort will be hosting the 2019 Super Channel Championships in their newly-constructed tennis courts. There will be two rings under a dome in 21,000 sq. feet of space. It’s an event for Canada’s top open boxers from the ages of 15 to 39 competing for a place on Canada’s National Team.

The last time Boxing B.C. hosted this competition in BC was in Richmond in 2009. So, momentum is high.

I spoke with Colleen Bourassa, Executive Director of Boxing BC to get a perspective on amateur boxing and how events like the Super Channel Championships support young BC boxers coming up in the ranks.

“2019 is on track to be one of the biggest years for major sporting events in Langford,” says Mayor Stewart Young. “The soon-to-be completed Westhills Stadium will be the largest outdoor stadium in the region, offering more sporting opportunities in Langford for professional athletes and residents alike. Something for every interest level—for our youth to compete at the national level, [and] for families watching our athletes compete on the world stage.”

What’s truly amazing about the City of Langford isn’t just the pace and the number of residential and commercial units being built in the region. Langford is also a city that loves its sports. It encourages active, healthy lifestyles in residents of all ages as a way to contribute to its community culture. A full range of recreational opportunities are available for families such as City Centre Park, the YMCA-YWCA, North Langford Recreation Centre, Goldstream Provincial Park, and an abundance of lakes and trails.

It’s hard to believe that the Royal Bay development in Colwood was the site of a former gravel quarry. Even more incomprehensible is how this huge, century-old gravel pit is being transformed into a spectacular 419-acre master-planned, seaside community with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, and Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

Even more incomprehensible is how this huge, century-old gravel pit is being transformed into a spectacular 419-acre master-planned, seaside community with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, and Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

It could have been so different! I’m sure you’ve seen it happen in other cities: a large piece of development land opens up and developers move in to build as many apartment buildings as they can squeeze onto the acreage. Belmont Residences took another path with the 24 acres that originally housed Belmont Secondary School and its grounds in central Langford. When you look at their Master Plan Community, you can see responsible minds behind the project, with designs and innovations that were intended to enhance—not diminish—the quality of life for residents and the community at large.

Belmont Residences is located in the heart of Langford. It’s location that creates a sustained sense of value in a development. Whether properties are built in infill locations or with mountain view settings, ultimately, it’s being at the city core that guarantees the long-lasting value of a home.

It’s apparent walking through the various phases of the Westhills community, that what is happening here offers prospective homeowners a very different lifestyle from traditional suburbs built in the past century.

Westhills’ location is key. It’s situated on the shoreline of Langford Lake and surrounded by both Municipal and Provincial Parks. As a result, this master planned community has forests and lakes all a short walk, hike or bike ride away for a community playground and recreational pursuits.

“The lifestyle element available here is the best of both worlds,” says Rob Muller, Sales and Marketing Manager for Westhills Land Corp. “You’re close enough to downtown Victoria yet you can live right on nature’s doorstep.”

In this special Developer’s Issue we are pleased to showcase several innovative, thoughtful developments currently underway in the West Shore.

Each offers its own unique take on what a community with an affordable, diverse mix of quality homes and outstanding lifestyle amenities can look like.

Theirs is a long-term commitment to improve the quality of life not only for its residents, but for the West Shore community at large.