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Canadians spend almost 90% of their time living indoors in artificial environments: at work, at home, in a car or at indoor recreational arenas. That means most get constant exposure to indoor air, which as a rule, is of very poor quality. (1)

The benefits of getting outdoors is so great that going outdoors every day—even if it’s winter and the temperatures are low—supports the body, mind and spirit. Disconnecting from nature has been proven to affect one’s quality of life. Here are some great reasons to get up close and personal with Mother Nature:

Finding ‘scenic’ is easy here on the West Shore. Whether you want to walk, hike, stroll, run, bike or swim, you certainly don’t have to go very far to find a spectacular change of scenery! Sooke is a case in point, offering casual, moderate and very challenging trails for outdoor adventurers and scenic explorers alike. If you are unfamiliar with Sooke, here is a selection of park and trail gems we love

Presbyopia is an eye condition where the eye loses its ability to focus on nearby objects. It is an age-related change that typically begins in the early 40s. What happens is the crystalline lens within the eye gradually loses its ability to flex. That makes it difficult for the eye to focus light onto the retina.

You can tell if you have the early signs of presbyopia when you start holding objects further away to see them and/or if you are experiencing eye fatigue and headaches.

Is hesitation about the availability of washroom facilities keeping you from enjoying being outdoors? Bladder leakage is very common, but what many people do not realize is that there is treatment available for many causes of incontinence!

Our CBI Health experts share three myths they commonly hear and more importantly what can be done to get over them.

The weather is warming up and that means more children will be walking to and from school or using bikes and scooters. Many drivers don’t realize that the simple act of slowing to the maximum 30 km/hr. in a school zone can literally save a child’s life.

Here’s why. A child hit by a vehicle at 30 km/hr. has an 0 percent chance of surviving. That drops dramatically to only 10 per cent when speed increases to 50 km/hr. It also takes double the time for a vehicle traveling at 50 km/hr. to react and brake for a sudden stop compared to a vehicle traveling at 30 km/hr. so the chances of a dangerous collision are much greater.

March is a bit of an odd month that brings out two types of people: those who want to hold onto those last few winter months and cozy up under a blanket, embracing those early dark evenings, and others who are ready for Spring and already wondering if a cardigan is enough of a jacket to wear outside. (If you live on Vancouver Island, the answer is most likely no!)

Whether you are the bundle-up-at-home type or eagerly waiting for those crisp sunny days, Everything Wine has suggestions for food and wine pairings for any March mood. Here is one of our top March recipes paired perfectly with an Old World European wine. Sit back and let us do the work while you Eat this! Drink that!

Do you remember when illumination was a small fixture in the middle of the bedroom ceiling and table lamps sat on end tables next to the couch in the living room? Well, if you’ve been exploring model homes recently, you must have also noticed that all of that has started to change for the better!

Today, illumination is much more than “enough” light so no one trips walking through or into a room. Illumination as become much more than a superfluous or luxury feature. It has become an important element that is often overlooked—even in some new homes—but, an element especially lacking in older and character houses. Good illumination is there to support the activities of each space. It allows us to read, play, and entertain. It creates moods, showcases architectural features. It adds “sparkle” to your interiors.

Victoria Shamrocks’ Forward Rhys Duch is all about giving back to his community. This year will be his 3rd time hosting the Shamrocks’ Annual Kids Spring Break Camp which runs from March 27-29 at the Eagle Ridge Arena. The spring break camp gives kids 7-14 the opportunity to heighten their skills, have fun and play with Victoria Shamrocks players in this 3-day camp along with an exclusive Victoria Shamrocks pinnie.

Be around food every day, like I am, and eventually you’d realize that the way you feel about food is very different from the everyday reality of most people in our society! Sadly, for the past 50 years, North Americans have been progressively disassociating themselves from the value of the ingredients and dishes that sustain them. It seems to me that we are in a phase where the notion of preparing, sharing, relishing, and socializing around food appears to be shifting to convenience foods—preferably food you can eat with your hands. Certainly, there are ‘foodies’ who embrace the principles of healthy, sustainable, local, community driven food systems; but in general, busy lives shape the way most people eat today.