If you’ve never attended this ‘Light Up the Hills’ family friendly, outdoor festival of light event, this is your chance to make up for lost time! Held after dark, the festival’s illuminated artworks will amaze you as you walk along a designated path and take in spectacular glowing effects, pass by various performances and artworks, using your own hand-made lantern to guide your way. What a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to see, first hand, the astounding creativity of our local West Shore artists, musicians, and performers! It’s free and open to the public, thanks to efforts of the West Shore Arts Council and the Westhills Community.

It’s truly amazing that almost every night of the week at Darcy’s Pub (WestShore), you can experience a host of talented, local groups and individuals ready and willing to perform for you. The ‘XX Acoustic Show’, held on Thursday, June 28, was exceptional in that it was dedicated to showcasing local female singer-song writers. The audience enjoyed an intimate, live acoustic experience with performances by Jillian Goddard, Jessica Laura Dziadyk, Hannah Gentes, Rebecca Barritt, Morgan Buxton, Jenny West Cooney, Amelia Brownridge and Musa Heinen. Here’s more about a few of these aspiring, talented women.