Were you aware that falls are the #1 cause of injury among those aged 65 and older? One out of every 3 seniors will experience a fall on an annual basis—the primary reason why seniors experience a loss of independence as they age. Currently, related healthcare costs occupy 42% of the provincial healthcare budget.

The good news is that you can prevent falls by identifying your individual risks factors for falling. These risk factors often fit into the following categories: biological/intrinsic, behavioral, social/ economic, and environmental.

Massage therapy continues to grow at a fast pace in the health field as the benefits of it continue to become more widely recognized. Massage treatments are most commonly known for soothing aching muscles to alleviate pain and inflammation, promoting relaxation, decreasing stress and tension and relieving aches and stiffness that could be impeding a good night’s sleep.

This is the time of year we can say goodbye to the cold winter and welcome the spring season. The most important gardening tool we have is our body, so learning proper gardening ergonomics is the key to injury prevention.

Gardening is a great way to reduce stress by getting in touch with nature. It also requires a great deal of physical stamina involving standing, stooping, kneeling, bending, lifting and crouching, which can lead to unwanted aches and pains. Here are some tips that will allow you to safely enjoy your gardening season.