Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, especially for a first time dog owner. New puppy owners enjoy shopping for the best food, treats and accessories. We recommend a food specific to puppies, to ensure proper nutrition for their growing bodies and calorie requirements. Nurturing the new addition will come easy, but puppies will benefit from having a knowledgeable and disciplined owner. “Start the way you mean to continue” from day one; if you don’t want your full-grown dog to sleep on your bed, don’t let your puppy sleep on the bed. Crate training is a good idea if you work outside the home to avoid unwanted chewing or accidents in the house

Warm, sunny days and long weekend adventures— it’s no wonder our pets love summer as much as we do. For many of us, it’s the best time of year to be outside enjoying nature’s beauty and all that the season has to offer.
Taking your pet for a hiking adventure, camping trip, or a hike around Thetis Lake can be exhausting if you and your pet are not properly hydrated and given opportunities to cool down. It may sound obvious, but it’s essential that your pet have access to fresh drinking water and shade from the sun during the summer months.

It makes sense that senior dogs have different care requirements than younger dogs. If age is just a number, how do you know when your dog is considered a senior? It really depends on the individual dog. In general, large and giant breed dogs age faster than small to medium breed dogs, and as a result, larger dogs, unfortunately, don’t live as long as their smaller cousins. Genetics, nutrition and environment all play a role in how fast your dog ages.

It’s normal for senior dogs to become less active as they age and with that comes the possibility of weight gain. Choose an easy-to-digest, natural food and be aware of how many calories your dog consumes in a day, including treats.

It’s easy to understand the dog park’s appeal. We imagine our dogs having a great time running around, meeting new dog pals, playing nicely and sharing the space. Unfortunately, sometimes, the reality doesn’t live up to our expectations. The truth is that dog parks are not a fun, exciting playground for every dog. Some dogs are nervous in off-leash, uncontrolled situations with strange dogs so it’s important that you understand your dog’s comfort level before visiting the dog park.

With more people turning to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, it raises the question: can dogs stay healthy eating vegetarian or vegan diets, too?

Yes, a meat-free diet can be a great option for dogs (and humans) with serious allergies and reduces damage to the environment. The most important aspect of a meat-free diet is ensuring that your dog still consumes a sufficient level of protein. The food you choose should contain all the essential amino acids and supplemental ingredients that provide complete and balanced pet nutrition.

We all know that feeding our pets a healthy and balanced diet is essential to their overall health, but a solid dental care regime is just as important. Cats and dogs can begin to show signs of periodontal disease at a young age, depending on their breed, eating habits and genetics.

Periodontal disease is characterized by a build-up of plaque and tarter on teeth above and below the gum line. Removing plaque buildup and keeping your pet’s teeth clean is crucial as this disease can lead to gum infection, tooth loss and other health problems if left untreated.

People always ask me: what’s the best dog breed? That’s a hard question to answer. All dog owners have a favourite! Maybe the better question is: what type of dog would fit in best with your lifestyle?

Selecting a new dog, whether it’s your first puppy or a rescued adult, is an exciting, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming process. People too often have a predetermined idea about the type of dog they want. Yet, when it comes to deciding which dogs make the best pets for you, it’s essential, as a first step, to consider your lifestyle and the environment you live in. The health and happiness of your pet depends on it!