There’s a lot of buzz around food technology these days. How do we create food systems that meet the needs of our changing world and what role does technology play? How can B.C. harness new technologies and innovations to produce more food, jobs and prosperity, while reducing waste?

It’s attracting a lot of research and investment.

I spoke to B.C.’s Minister of Agriculture and Saanich South MLA Lana Popham for an update about some ground-breaking agri-initiatives at work in our province. She’s been travelling B.C. to learn about agriculture issues for a decade now and what she is seeing is inspiring: small farms all over the province doing a lot of amazing things—and creating “a renaissance of experimentation around food culture and food processing.”

Here are a few examples of B.C. initiatives underway she told me about that are levelling the playing field for small farmers and food entrepreneurs:

If ever there were a time for urban gardeners to plant a big vegetable garden, it’s this year—especially with produce prices forecast to rise dramatically and recent concerns about how climate change will be affecting agricultural supply systems.

Wherever you live, there is always a way to accommodate grow spaces where you can plant vegetables, like the front yard, back yard, laneways, pots on balconies, in nearby unused areas or allotment spaces. Concentrate on high-value crops that are pricey to buy, but easy to grow.

We hope these 7 Reasons Reasons to Grow Your Own Food will motivate more people to become Urban Gardeners!