This is the story of how Fender and the Empress tree got together. A few years ago, I found out that Fender [the guitar manufacturer], was doing a whole new line of guitars. The founder was testing over 30 types of lumbers world-wide. I knew we needed to get my Empress wood in that mix. So, I sent them a bunch of lumber samples.

In the end, it was our Empress wood that was selected as Fender’s #1 choice for the most perfect tonal quality and its light weight. One musician described the tonal quality as “crisp’. We sold that lumber to Fender in spreads for ten dollars a square foot. Fender didn’t anticipate the excitement there would be over the Empress guitar line and sold out every one they made. Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to resupply them with more Empress wood to the scale that Fender wanted. We are still growing our own trees. And there just isn’t that much available in the world at a price that would make sense.

Once upon a time, there was a native tree that grew in North America known as the Empress tree. People in the Orient revered this tree and, to this day, hold it in high esteem for its fast growth and quality wood.

The Empress tree is big—bigger than other trees; but, it plays nicely with other species, even though it has amazing super powers other trees don’t have.