Avoids labour shortages in a booming industry

In the years ahead, the B.C. construction industry will need all the help it can get. With $115 billion in projects currently underway and another $206 billion in proposed future projects, BCCA forecasts an accumulated labour shortfall of over 7,900 skilled workers by 2028.

The trades sector is a key economic driver throughout British Columbia. It employs about 180,000 workers out of a total of more than 242,000 construction jobs. Yet, despite a strong sector performance—up 17% since 2014— a severe labour shortage exists, especially in the skilled trades sector.

Boosting diversity is good for business!

In 2019, Maclean’s magazine gathered data on 415 communities across Canada to identify the best spots to live in Canada. They were looking for what they call “supercharged small towns”—communities with rural charm with close access to urban jobs. They defined a “community” as a town or city with its own mayor.

They selected and compared 415 communities using the following categories: wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.

And guess what? Three of our West Shore municipalities made the list as towns that are offering an attractive alternative to big-city living!