Unfortunately, the loss of grasslands, diseases with nonnative bee species and climate change are dramatically impacting both the abundance of bees and the geographic range our bees need to survives.

About 42 of the more than 850 species of bees in Canada are bumblebees. Recently, a team of researchers at York University found that the American bumblebee, in particular, was under extreme distress. Over the past 10 years, its territory has drastically declined by about 70 per cent. Their numbers fell by 89 per cent compared to historical data collected from 1907 to 2006. The species is in very real danger of “imminent extinction” from Canada.

We need our bees. Without them, how will our crops, fruits and vegetables—not to mention our trees, shrubs and flowers—get pollinated? Left unchecked, the problem is huge, with far reaching consequences for our planet. Yet, this is one problem that we absolutely can do something about in very practical ways.