The Victoria Shamrocks are a franchise that is dedicated to healthy living with a focus nutrition and proper diet. That dedication goes far beyond the action fans actually see on the court: that is, the lifestyle choices Shamrock players make every day and the positive impact their choices have on how they perform. This past Spring, the Shamrocks teamed up with Subway and South Vancouver Island School Districts to launch the ‘Commit to Fit’ program.

Food, glorious food! So many choices and so many ways we can choose to eat! We obsess about ingredients, carbohydrates, sugar content and preservatives for sure; but, in the end, are we more concerned about its impact on our weight than we are about how we are eating or how what we eat is affecting our planet? Current trends certainly suggest that we are. Researchers from the University of Guelph looked at key food issues they believe will continue to dominate food choices and food production in 2018 and beyond.1 I’ve included a few of their findings in this month’s editorial.