No matter which set of holidays you celebrate—or not—at this time of year, what makes it a special time is how it feels like everyone is making a collective effort in the final weeks of December to slow down and spend
a few days in the company of people they love. It’s a reflective time, wistful and sentimental. A time when nostalgia bubbles up from Christmases past.

Except for many people, and for any number of reasons, the “most wonderful time of the year” represents none of these things. So, it was with this reality in mind that our December issue shines a bright light on the relatively invisible, and often unacknowledged, spirit of generosity in our community; specifically, the generosity of West Shore businesses and organizations. I sent out over 150 emails to ask various companies what they do to help others and where they perceive the need is the greatest at this time of year.