Rebekah Jansen lives to sing opera. As a hard-working professional with family here in the West Shore, it was difficult for her to find high-quality, principal solo roles without having to leave the Island. Outside of participating in chorus roles with the Pacific Opera and Community Musical Theatre groups, there were few other places that highly talented opera singers, like herself, could perform and hone their craft in meaningful and challenging ways. She wasn’t alone; she discovered that many of her professional associates were experiencing the same thing. Everyone was looking for solo work that could accommodate their busy family and working lives.

“It was such a waste to have so much great talent lying dormant within our island communities. Something had to be  done,” says Rebekah. So, back in early 2017, she took action and founded the Vancouver Island Performers Guild VIPG], a registered non-profit society, to open up and facilitate performance opportunities for local artists.