For the next 5 years, many in-demand jobs in BC (and the rest of Canada) are ones that offer great earning opportunities. As a result, now is an excellent time for younger Canadians to explore new career paths. I’ve selected career areas that are in especially high demand in BC, have a high number of expected job openings and an on-going shortage of qualified workers to fill them.

The newly-opened Sherman Jen Building houses the Centre for Environmental Science and International Partnership at Royal Roads University [RRU]. The Centre is pushing the boundaries of what a modern 21st century-equipped facility can offer students who want to develop rewarding careers in environmental science. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped to meet the needs of environmental scientists and digitally-integrated teaching spaces—including one outdoor classroom—will facilitate research and learning that will impact communities not only in BC, but throughout Canada.

The Jack White Annex on the Camosun College campus is an unassuming building, originally used for sheet metal trades. Today it houses ‘Camosun Innovates’, a multipurpose space that was repurposed to support an interdisciplinary classroom of the future for applied research, manufacturing, social innovation and sport innovation.

You wouldn’t believe the sophisticated suite of intellectual, technology and manufacturing assets students and faculty have access to. This is where student-industry partnerships connect and where, together, ideas are turned into reality.