Some 15 years ago, the City of Langford set out to rebrand itself as the sport tourism destination in British Columbia. Already home to Golf Canada, Cycling Canada and Rugby Canada, there’s still lots more to come in 2020.

Look out for a new boxing training facility to house Boxing BC headquarters at City Centre Park. The facility will help build B.C.’s provincial boxing team as well as local competitive boxers—not to mention providing our local community with another great option for recreational fitness, health and wellness.

Ellen Connor, owner of the Sooke Boxing Club, sees boxing as a fitness opportunity for anyone, whatever their age. Despite the stereotype of boxing as an aggressive sport, Connor sees more women choosing boxing as a workout regime because of its many health benefits.

“Women have for their own reasons for taking up this sport,” says Connor. “For some, it’s a form of therapy or a safe way to refocus stress and frustrations. It’s a way for women to believe in themselves in a way that they hadn’t before.”

Connor feels that the competitive side to female boxing is growing super popular, too. “There are several women fighting this weekend for whom this is a bucket-list type of occasion—like when you turn 40 and decide to run a marathon.”

Even though I’m a long-time West Shore resident, it never fails to delight me when I uncover something new and exciting about our community. Such is the case with the Bear Mountain Resort.

As I settled into a conversation with Shannon Drew, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Community Initiatives and Ruthanne Doyle, Director of Real Estate Sales and Marketing (Ecoasis Developments LLP), I was prepared for a discussion about what makes Bear Mountain Resort such an incredible place to live: namely, the distinctive advantages of its lifestyle and amenities afforded to real estate purchasers and the
community at large.

What was surprising, however, was just how significant and numerous those amenities were!

To start with, Bear Mountain Resort is an urban resort community.

“There may be lots of resort communities in North America,” Doyle explains, “but very few of them are only a 20-minute drive to a major city.”

Get ready, West Shore! From April 23- 27, Westin Bear Mountain Resort will be hosting the 2019 Super Channel Championships in their newly-constructed tennis courts. There will be two rings under a dome in 21,000 sq. feet of space. It’s an event for Canada’s top open boxers from the ages of 15 to 39 competing for a place on Canada’s National Team.

The last time Boxing B.C. hosted this competition in BC was in Richmond in 2009. So, momentum is high.

I spoke with Colleen Bourassa, Executive Director of Boxing BC to get a perspective on amateur boxing and how events like the Super Channel Championships support young BC boxers coming up in the ranks.

“2019 is on track to be one of the biggest years for major sporting events in Langford,” says Mayor Stewart Young. “The soon-to-be completed Westhills Stadium will be the largest outdoor stadium in the region, offering more sporting opportunities in Langford for professional athletes and residents alike. Something for every interest level—for our youth to compete at the national level, [and] for families watching our athletes compete on the world stage.”

What’s truly amazing about the City of Langford isn’t just the pace and the number of residential and commercial units being built in the region. Langford is also a city that loves its sports. It encourages active, healthy lifestyles in residents of all ages as a way to contribute to its community culture. A full range of recreational opportunities are available for families such as City Centre Park, the YMCA-YWCA, North Langford Recreation Centre, Goldstream Provincial Park, and an abundance of lakes and trails.