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Walking up the front steps of the TELUS Future Home, I’m greeted by the upbeat words of a woman welcoming me home.

I look around, searching for this greeter. Instead, the voice repeats herself and I realize that this virtual welcomer is speaking to me through a pane of glass at the entryway to the home. She asks me to scan my face to unlock the front door. I oblige, and once inside, a team of enthusiastic TELUS Future Home hosts show me around station by station.

In the kitchen, the refrigerator suggests some meals I can make based on the groceries I have on hand. It also suggests I pick up a few items I’m low on next time I’m out, and gives me the option to make a grocery list with the tap of a screen.

Next up is my home office, featuring a massive wall screen that lets me swipe right on my email or swipe left to activate a conference call. And home entertainment has never felt so real, with full length wall screens broadcasting live events and a dynamic TV that allows me to watch shows in 4K HDR, video chat with friends, and keep up to date on email and news – all at the same time.

The TELUS Future Home also imagines the home security systems of the future, including security cameras and a touch screen panel at both the front and back doors to let family members know when you’ve come and gone.

Then I sit down with Jaime Brice, who works on the team that recently launched TELUS SmartHome Security, and it hits me: the technology of the future is a lot closer, and a lot more advanced, than I originally thought. Brice is one of the TELUS pioneers leading the way with the new TELUS SmartHome Security system, an integrated platform that manages the day-today functions of a family home with the simple swipe of an app. Cameras are part of this system too. But it’s the way they work with other SmartHome devices that is especially impressive.

“If a delivery person comes and rings my doorbell, it will show up here,” Brice explains, motioning towards her smartphone. “I can enable audio and tell them that they can go ahead and leave the package in my garage. I can open the garage door for them at the same time. And then once the package has been dropped off, I can close the garage door and continue on with my day.”

This hi-tech lock system also safeguards against your own forgetfulness. “I can create location-based alerts and rules based on the location of your phone, or ‘Geo-Devices’.” For example, it can remind you to arm your security system if you leave this geofenced area without remembering to do so,” explains Brice, adding that this system can also turn down your heat, and turn off any lights left on.

When you’re at home, you can use the TELUS SmartHome Security app to dim your lights, control your thermostat, lock your doors or even close your garage door if you left it open. Even better, the system is smart enough to know that if your garage door is left open during a certain time, it should close it for you.

TELUS SmartHome Security is fully customizable, and there are numerous different types of devices you can install depending on your needs. Some of these, such as the cameras, do best when connected to high speed internet.

To find out more about TELUS SmartHome Security, please visit And to see the TELUS Future Home for yourself, find out when it will be showing near you at

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