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Shift into Excitement!

Shift into Excitement!

By Anne Marie Moro, Editor
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Interviewing Gregory Deane, Principal & Managing Director of Paradigm Auto Works, was unexpectedly informative for me as a car owner. I didn’t expect that to be the case. Getting my car serviced didn’t usually come with explanations.  Gregory has a way of describing mechanical and technological issues in a way that made sense. It got me thinking about servicing in a different light.

Paradigm Auto Works

Q: What motivated you to get you into the auto servicing business here in Victoria?

A: I was born and raised in Victoria. It’s home. For several years though, when I was single, I worked as a heavy equipment and mobile crane operator in Alberta. When I moved back to Victoria in 2013 and got married, I didn’t want to work away in camps any more. It’s tough on families. I saw lots of guys at the camps away for weeks at a time, separated from their families. I knew I just didn’t want to live like that. I decided to follow my interests and start my own auto works business.

I researched what auto services were here and realized no one was doing an all-wheel drive dynamometer service. We are the only auto works shop on Vancouver Island now that offers a first-full service all-wheel drive dynamometer tuning shop. Vancouver Island car owners who were interested in this service had to go to mainland or the states to fine tune the performance of their vehicles.

Q: What do you use your dynamometer for?

A: A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a device to simultaneously measure how much torque (turning force), power, or speed it can produce. It’s a diagnostic tool to accurately assess the optimum performance of your vehicle. The device consists of heavy metal rollers that spin round when the car’s wheels turn, absorbing the power. This a type of absorption dynamometer uses the drums’ heavy inertia to soak up the car engine’s power. This absorption (chassis) dynamometer measures the power of a car’s gasoline engine.

The dyno we purchased is only one that can read the power separately from the rear to the front on an all-wheel vehicle and record the percentage loss [of power] at play.

Q: I’ve never owned a high-performance vehicle and, honestly, never understood why that capacity existed, given the speed limits on most roads. Why do cars need high performance servicing?

A: Servicing the ‘performance’ of a vehicle enables it to operate more efficiently and safely. The power capacity of your vehicle determines how effectively and safely you can manage your vehicle on the road. For example, a 4-cylinder cargo van responds less effectively on hills or with a large passenger load.

Yet, whatever data we collect from an acceleration test on the dyno, we can figure out what adjustments we need to make so that a vehicle—high performance or not—is a vehicle that performs better. Is it running the way it was intended to perform? Is it running too rich or too lean? It also helps to prevent further issues developing down the road.

Q: What kind of vehicles do you test on the dynamometer platform?

A: All kinds of vehicles. The all-wheel drive platform has an adjustable roller on one side so it can be adjusted to fit any wheel base. A vehicle’s wheels are positioned on roller—that are actually very heavy metal drums—connected up to sophisticated electronic measuring instruments. These instruments figure out how much torque, horsepower, or speed the engine is capable of producing by measuring how fast the drums take to accelerate.

Software that we use records everything that’s happening in the vehicle and from there, we assess where, in that frame, things need to be adjusted [for better performance].

Eco Tuning at Paradigm Auto Works
With rising fuel prices, now is the best time for an Eco Tune. An Eco Tune for your vehicle will save you money by reducing your trips to the pump and lower your emissions. We guarantee a minimum of 10% savings on fuel and Emissions. Most vehicles can gain an extra 100km per full tank or more. Our Eco Tunes have been tested and verified countless times on all types of vehicles. Eco Tunes also drastically lower emissions from 10 to even 50% compared to stock factory settings.

Q: I understand you feature online demonstrations of the kinds of services you offer.

A: Yes, we feature YouTube and Instagram videos weekly demonstrating our current builds, specialty vehicles, dyno runs and events. Our philosophy is to stay on top of today’s technology and keep our people informed about the quality of our workmanship. We also have a blog with very easy to understand and useful tips. For example, how to improve fuel mileage.

Q: So, what if I just want a regular service check up?

A: Along with vehicle performance upgrades and dyno tuning, we also service regular automotive repairs, engine rebuilding and regular maintenance services and detailing.

One service our customers especially appreciate is how we can ‘eco-tune’ their vehicles so that their vehicles are more fuel efficient. We guaranteed at least a 10% savings on fuel costs and it helps the environment at the same time without switching vehicles.

As a fully licensed vehicle inspection facility, Paradigm Auto Works can take care of Out of Province, JDM Vehicles and Police Issued vehicle inspections,too.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are less likely to understand what is required to maintain their vehicle and the costs involved?

A: Our team is dedicated to bring and maintain your vehicle to its full potential.  Safety is our number 1 priority.  Power, Performance or Fuel Economy come second.   Our promise is to offer quality service, always improve your vehicle and return it better than it arrived!

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