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By Gareth Gilson

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Gareth outdid himself this month. In an effort to gather information in line with the GoWestShore Magazine’s ‘Technology and Innovation’ theme, he interviewed the best person for the job— himself! Thanks, Gareth. Your results clearly demonstrate that creativity and innovation are alive and well on the West Shore.

Technology and tradition aren’t usually two concepts that go hand-in-hand; but, when it comes to the Victoria Shamrocks, both ideas are critically important to the team’s front office operations.

“We have an amazing fan base that covers almost every demographic,” says Gareth Gilson, Fan Experience Manager with the club. “Because of that, we have to provide face-toface, telephone, and online services to our fans who expect it.”

To that end, the club has turned to technology to support its traditional operations to minimize wait times, overhead, and wasted effort. An internet-based phone system was installed in 2017 and a faster, stream-lined ticketing system rolled out in 2018.

“Our small office and the arena we play in are at different locations. So, in the past, we deployed staff as best we could and hoped we had enough people in the right places,” said Gareth. “Now, no matter where the staff is, they can log in to a computer, take calls, help fans in person or print tickets purchased online or by phone in preparation for pickup.”

This year, the Western Lacrosse Association and Victoria Shamrocks rolled out new technology for the locker room with the adoption of ‘HeadCheck’, a Concussion Management software. The software allows clubs to access an enhanced web dashboard for more thorough concussion management, including a medical clearance process.

“We want to make sure every player in our league is receiving proper concussion testing,” said WLA Commissioner, Paul Dal Monte. “By working with HeadCheck, we’ll be able to raise testing standards across the league and make it safer for our players.” The Shamrocks are pleased to continue using technology and innovation to make the traditional game they play safer for the players—and more enjoyable for the fans!

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