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Secret Messages Hidden Inside Flowers Part 2

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Secret Messages Hidden Inside Flowers

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it! We get a gift from someone and then, after a period of time, wrap it up and give it to someone else. But what about if you are the giver and your gift says something you never intended?

Such is the case whenever you offer flowers as a gift. Whatever the occasion, the following list may provide you with some support through the perils of gifting a hidden floral message you never intended.

Hidden messages in fragrant sunny flower garden

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! You are a magnificent, radiant beauty. May derive from a Greek verb meaning to “sparkle” or “shine.”

Look forward to the future. Something new is always around the corner, no matter how dark things might look right now. Comes from a Greek word literally meaning “daughter of the wind.”

You are enchanting. I await your pleasure. The color of the aster flower does not affect the meaning of the flower. All asters are a symbol of patience and elegance.

Bird of Paradise
You are magnificent. The sheer beauty of the contrasting petals makes it an obvious symbol of excellence and success.

Gift this flower to show your loyalty and affection for friends and lovers, especially when they’re facing an obstacle or recovering from a life-changing event. It’s said that a single petal of this flower inserted in a wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life.

Happiness and prosperity! It’s the perfect flower to celebrate new beginnings or simply express your desire to revive an old relationship.

Renaissance romantics believed that, if they wore these soft-colored flowers, they would never be forgotten by their lovers, making the flower a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love.

You are my heart. Symbolizing strength and moral integrity, gladioli also represent infatuation, with a bouquet conveying to a recipient that they pierce the giver’s heart with passion.

Be happy and make time to play, but do not act rashly, as this can lead to deep regrets. A white hyacinth represents constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.

Purple or blue irises paired with stargazer lilies make a striking display that speaks of love and respect. On its own, it symbolizes faith, valor and wisdom.

Enjoy love while it lasts and do not regret past loves. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while white lilacs represent youthful innocence.

Passionate devotion. You can never go wrong with roses. The caveat here is to only give roses when you are serious about your intentions. Red, light pink and white convey passion, devotion and desire. Gift dark pink and yellow roses if your intentions are more about gratitude and friendship.

I am dazzled by your charms.

For more flower messages, check out Part One of Secret Messages Hidden Inside Flowers in the GoWestShore Magazine’s February issue from 2018!


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