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Romantic Vacation vs Love at Home

Romantic Vacation vs Love at Home

By Kam Brar, Auxilium Mortgage Corporation

“I’ve helped many clients achieve goals
that they thought were impossible.”

—Kam Brar

Did you know that Canadians spend more time planning their vacation than their mortgage?

A mortgage may not be as exciting, but it is something you’ll be living with for years – and if you take the time to figure it out, you may be able to afford to travel more in the future.

There are several things to consider when deciding whether to travel or invest in your home:

Can you structure your monthly budget to set aside extra funds for a vacation?
Do you have additional savings in case of emergency?
Do you crave the immediate gratification of a trip?
What are your long-term goals for home renovation, starting a family, or moving to a new  property?

With smart financial management, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds! Talk to a professional about how you can structure your cash flow to pay down your mortgage, put some into savings, and take a trip.

P.S. – The RRSP contribution deadline is March 1 to claim a deduction on your 2017 taxes. If you have equity in your home, your mortgage might be able to help you maximize your till leave some left over for a vacation, too!

The Auxilium team takes a comprehensive approach to make sure your mortgage fits your lifestyle. If this sounds appealing, call or visit us today for more information. Our GoWestShore Portal listing includes all of our contact information.

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