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by Renee James Productions on GoWestShore
I have no words!
Name of Publication/Program: : Ad & Contest Program
Satisfaction with Results: : Smashing
Satisfaction with Service: : Exceptional

I have no words! None! The ad and contest you put together for my Production Event is beautiful.

Thank you for your incredible kindness, support, generosity, and sincere appreciation of the work. Your time and effort spent on this comes with much gratitude. The whole thing is quite smashing! You have certainly built something very special there and should be incredibly proud. The recognition and value in what you do and what you have accomplished so far is quite exceptional I must say. In other words you're a force and I have not doubt our business relationship going forward will grow from here.

Mass hug to you Anne Marie.

Tony James
Renee James Productions

by Gwen Fisher on GoWestShore
Took our business to another level
Name of Publication/Program: : Contributing Writer
Satisfaction with Results: : Beyond Expectations
Satisfaction with Service: : Amazing & Professional

I would like to thank you and your team for your patience and hard work on helping promote our new business, The Artisans Garden. We met with Anne earlier in the year and she really helped me with ideas on how to get our business exposure up. The amazing article you wrote in May was a real kick off for our second season, We learned that people from all over the island had heard about us through your beautiful magazine. I would highly recommend small businesses advertise in GoWestShore. Anne, Patricia and Gwen, you have each been a positive and amazingly patient, and professional team to work with. It is easy for small business to think its impossible to afford such advertising, however between the online presence, the beautiful magazine, and social media you helped take our business to another level. I'm so glad I broke the barrier of "I can't afford it" as it honestly has been the best money spent so far on advertising. Thank You and I look forward to another season.

Gwen Fisher, Owner
The Artisans Garden

by Steve Walker-Duncan on GoWestShore
GoWestShore is long overdue in the region
Name of Publication/Program: : Contributing Writer
Satisfaction with Results: : Outstanding
Satisfaction with Service: : Excellent

Camosun Culinary Arts is excited and proud to contribute to this West Shore showcase through our monthly food column. As an education facility that teaches cooks and future culinarians across the food realm, we see the growth and vibrancy that is happening in this rapidly expanding community.

The West Shore provides many of our students a place to live, learn, work and play; therefore, it makes perfect sense to have our successes and insights shared through this vibrant new publication.

We have received many wonderful comments and reviews from a wide range of readers and everyone agrees that GoWestShore is long overdue in the region and moving forward provides an outstanding platform to share images and stories of people and businesses in the area.

I have no hesitation in recommending the publication based on the professionalism, knowledge and experience demonstrated and delivered at every opportunity by the Anne Marie and Gwen along with the rest of the excellent team.

Steve Walker-Duncan, M.Ed., CCC
Program Chair, Culinary Arts
Camosun College

See what GoWestShore Readers have to say:

We recently surveyed GoWestShore readers, asking them what they enjoyed about GoWestShore Magazine. Much to our amazement and pleasure, we got a 35% response rate with heart-felt words of encouragement. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We appreciate your comments so much. You are the reason why we continue to explore exciting ways for you to celebrate the West Shore spirit in your own home town! Here are a few of those comments:

What do you like best about GoWestShore Magazine?

“It’s very informative, especially for someone who is relatively new to this area and still discovering this part of town.” — Vivian H.

“[It’s] relevant to my lifestyle.” — Doug P.

“I live in the WestShore, so I love how relevant it is to me while living in our community.” – Lauren H.

“Keeps me in the loop of fun, local events!” – Ryan S.

“Great information about my home town.” — Deb W.

“This is my first time visiting the site and I LOVE how much information, contests and wonderful content there is!!!” — Caleigh D.

“I like that it’s local [because] the West Shore is an amazing place to call home!” — Leisa C.

“I like everything about it really. It highlights various aspects, people, businesses, lifestyles, venues, entertainment… It is colorful and clear and well presented.” – Connie S.

“GWS Magazine always has the best on what’s happening in the West Shore. It’s a go-to for fun and information.” — Heather K.

“It showcases all the happenings of the West Shore Community and the wonderful people in it! – Sarah H.

“In depth news about events, etc. that I will not find elsewhere.” — Randolph B.

“I live in the WestShore, so I love how relevant it is to me while living in our community.”–  Lauren H.

“Keeps me in the loop on everything exciting and new happening in my area.” – Tawny U.

“Local, diverse and inclusive.” — Lynn T.

“Finding new things happening around the West Shore.” — Chad B.

“Love it!! Love there is finally something with West Shore.” – Kim P.

“All the great info about local hot spots.” — Nancy  W.

“Everything—it’s my fav magazine!” 🙂 — Jessica M.

“The promotion of “everything” in the Western Communities – kudos!” – Nancé M.

“That it’s local!” – Crystal F.

“It’s about the Westshore!” – Richelle C.

“Articles about the Westshore. Not just sports but arts and culture too!” – Sherry C.

“Local” – Kim M.

“I just picked it up for the first time in November. Very informative and lots of information about what is going on in the West Shore.” – Darryl O.

“The community events” – Vellar C.

“It’s the inside scoop to the best events in the Westshore community. Very focused on Westshore local interests.” – Erik B.

“It’s local!” – Elizabeth M.

“The interesting articles.” – Nehamashira D.

“The recipes!” – Lawrence L.

“Community stories.” – Amanda S.

“It gives me insight into the going on within my community!” – Robyn A.

“Local!” – Stephen L.

“Local news and events” – Susan W.

“Events going on in the West Shore.” – Shane C.

“Price. Any good free magazines are awesome!!!” – Silvia M.

“[The] ads for businesses located in West Shore that I was not aware of and might want to check out when going out that way.” — Jim L.

“Seeing ads for new companies that I didn’t know existed.” — Shannon M.

“[This is] how I discover new things to explore locally.” — Melissa F.

“Promotes local business!” – Jackie T.

“I like learning about local businesses and events in my area.” — Samantha B.

“Restaurant features.” – Ron M.

“It’s very informative especially for someone who is relatively new to the area and still discovering this part of town.” – Vivian H.

“Give info about local businesses.” – Debra D.

“Local business news!” – Abbie B.

Dana H., Elizabeth C., Tracy L., Gail C., Jan H. and Donna A. all think our contests are what they love best about GoWestShore Magazine.

“The great team who make it happen!” — Judith C.

“…Most importantly, I like the friendly GoWestShore team!” 🙂 — John S.