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Recognizing Support Services in our Neighbourhood

Monthly Giveaway

Recognizing Support Services in our Neighbourhood

Co-opportunity Contest!

Sponsored by Peninsula Co-op

Peninsula Co-op is well known for its generous contributions over many years to community support programs designed to strengthen local communities. Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing and Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Co-op, explained that despite the growth of Peninsula Co-op over the past decades, giving back has always been an integral feature of their corporate identity!

Community Co-opportunity Contest info
Peninsula Co-op and GoWestShore have teamed up to give away $1000 every month in 2020 in this exclusive contest!

Peninsula Co-op and GoWestShore Magazine have teamed up to recognize local groups and organizations who are making a difference in our community with a #Co-opportunityContest.

Each and every month throughout 2020, Peninsula Co-op will be awarding $1,000 cash to 12 contest winners, voted by our GoWestShore followers as the most deserving!

GoWestShore Magazine is now accepting NOMINATIONS and will continue to do so until November 15, 2020! So, if you are a non-profit, charity or an organizational group serving our community and need some extra support, please take some time over the next few months to nominate yourself @ Co-opportunity Contest Nominations page.

If you are an individual who already has a favourite charity or cause, feel free to submit an application on their behalf! Ask yourself: who do I look up to in our local community? Who comes to mind when I think of an inspiring non-profit, charity or organization that defines our community? Whose contributions impact our lives with positive change? Who inspires me to get involved?

Just think how many local groups we will be able to help with some much-needed exposure for the work they do, the services they provide, for the people they connect, and for the communities they cultivate.

And don’t forget to alert all your supporters to visit our GoWestShore website to VOTE for all your favourite contestants every month in 2020!

Let’s make it happen!

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  • Jane February 20, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    Sooke recently showed their community when we lost three young men on January 31st. Supported the search, the family and community. Sooke deserves this


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