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Reach Out to Support Grieving Parents

Reach Out to Support Grieving Parents

By Bruce Simpson, Cemetery Manager
Hatley Memorial Gardens

Hatley Memorial Contributing Author

My mother told me nonchalantly the other day that she wasplanning on attending a friend’s funeral later in the week. She also told me that she has reached a point in her life where she finds herself searching obituaries for a familiar face or someone she had known. This has become part of her morning habit.

Over the years my parents have attended many funerals. Dealing with these losses can take a toll, as often the people they lose are part of their support system. As adult children, we can support our parents through this process, even though death is something that makes many people uncomfortable.

It’s important to encourage your parents to continue with their social activities and get out of the house to help them take their mind off things.

Joining local community groups or taking part in social activities with others going through similar situations can help fill the gaps left by those who have passed on. Sometimes sharing our grief with those experiencing the same thing helps to lift spirits and renew friendships.

If your parent or loved one has recently attended a funeral, it could be an easy way to help start a conversation about their own funeral. Ask them questions about what they liked and didn’t like about one they recently attended. This can lead to not only discovering what their wishes are for their funeral, but can help them cope with the loss they have just experienced.

As a child, it is hard to see your parent going through so much pain and loss, but being there to provide support will help them move forward and cherish those memories forever.

Bruce can be reached through his Hatley Memorial Gardens portal listing here on GoWestShore.

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