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Puppy Edition: Class is Back in Session!

Puppy Edition: Class is Back in Session!

“Start the way you mean to continue”

By Emma Forster
Manager, Island Pet Source
By Emma Forster Manager, Island Pet Source

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, especially for a first time dog owner. New puppy owners enjoy shopping for the best food, treats and accessories. We recommend a food specific to puppies, to ensure proper nutrition for their growing bodies and calorie requirements. Nurturing the new addition will come easy, but puppies will benefit from having a knowledgeable and disciplined owner.

“Start the way you mean to continue” from day one; if you don’t want your full-grown dog to sleep on your bed, don’t let your puppy sleep on the bed. Crate training is a good idea if you work outside the home to avoid unwanted chewing or accidents in the house.

It’s important to start socializing your puppy once you both have settled in. You and your puppy need positive interactions. Aim for 100 new interactions (people, places, or things) in 100 days. Consider enrolling your puppy in an obedience and/or socialization class with an experienced trainer to introduce him/her to a wide range of new situations. You might even decide to meet up for play-dates outside of class!

Regular exercise is another must since their youth and curiosity make puppies endless balls of energy. Finding a dog friendly park or trail to explore with your puppy is a great idea and, luckily in Victoria, we have many to choose from!

Let us know how we can help. Please visit our Island Pet Source portal listing here on GoWestShore for all of our contact information.

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