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Pre-launching the only PORTAL of its kind on the West Shore

GAP Publishing Group Inc. is very pleased to begin its pre-launch of  the GoWestShore project by providing access to the back end of its Portal to a select beta group. We are encouraging them to get a feel for the online platform, field test the many aspects that will be live very shortly. GAP also asked that they provide us with their feedback on their experiences online. The data set used during the pre-launch period is not real but gives the beta tester a real feel for what it will be like for the public as well as the members.

The GoWestShore Portal component is full of resources for locals, visitors, business and community stakeholders is expected to be launched in early 2017.

We are thrilled to be driving this initiative and encourage the beta group to continue field testing as we prepare for the full platform launch turning on new and exciting features in the coming weeks. We believe that end users and members will find GoWestShore to be very user-friendly, useful and practical.


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