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Planning for Milestones in Our Lives

Planning for Milestones in Our Lives

Extract from article by Shannon Burberry, Funeral Home Manager

Life is full of experiences, happy and sad, expected and unexpected. Pre-planning for some milestones, like a wedding, can go on for over a year. Yet, a sudden loss catches many families off guard with planning constrained to less than a week. Pre-planning is an opportunity to gather your thoughts and
style a celebration of your life and lifestyle now. Taking the time to plan your funeral does more than save time and worry for your family about fulfilling your wishes. Think of it as a belated gift to help with their grieving process.

Design the Service You Want
Canadians have more options than ever before when planning their funeral service: a religious, civil or humanist service, and whether to be buried or cremated.

Reflect Your Own Style
Everyone has an individual sense of style, and there’s no reason you can’t let that show at your funeral. Personalize the room with favourite mementos, flowers and food. If you are a music lover, choose live music or curate a playlist of your favourite artists. Consider a take-away at the end of your funeral, such as a small gift for your loved ones as a tangible memento of you.

Personalize Your Eulogy
Saying goodbye is never easy. Consider preparing a personalized eulogy for family and friends with your last formal goodbye and a thank you for being part of your life.

Choose Where Your Service Takes Place
A celebration of life can be celebrated beyond a place of worship or a traditional funeral home. Choosing the right setting can reveal a lot about your personal character and life story. Select a place that is significant to you.

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