Options for Aging Eyes article

Options for Aging Eyes

Options for Aging Eyes

By Dr. Nicholas Catchuk, O.D.
By Nicholas Catchuk, O.D.
Iris Eyecare

Presbyopia is an eye condition where the eye loses its ability to focus on nearby objects. It is an age-related change that  typically begins in the early 40s. What happens is the crystalline lens within the eye gradually loses its ability to flex. That makes it difficult for the eye to focus light onto the retina.

You can tell if you have the early signs of presbyopia when you start holding objects further away to see them and/or if you are experiencing eye fatigue and headaches.

Eyeglasses are the most common way of treating presbyopia, with the use of reading glasses, bifocals & progressive lenses or multi focal lenses. Progressives come in many different designs. Some truly are better than others, especially digitally-designed progressives which minimize peripheral vision distortion and improve adaption time. If you’ve heard of someone having difficulty with progressives, often times it’s due to poor lens design or improper measurement.

However, glasses are not the only option. Today, there are many manufacturers of multifocal contact lens products  that give you the ability to see near and far. These newer, more comfortable materials help to cope better with dry eye conditions. Laser corrective surgery is another great option with a procedure called ‘Laser Blended Vision’ that is used to achieve vision in all areas—not just distance. To find out which options are right for you, stop in to see your optometrist.

Our team at Iris Eyecare would be pleased to help select the eye nutrition and prevention solution best suited for your needs. Drop in anytime at 109-693 Hoffman Avenue in Langford.

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