Miracles Happen
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Miracles Happen!

Miracles Happen

Anne Marie Moro, Editor
Anne Marie Moro, GoWestshore Editor & Publisher

“ When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. ”

—Helen Keller

It started off to be a work day like any other. I was collating stories for this issue, when unexpectedly, I realized I’d been an eyewitness to not one, but two, completely unrelated miracles.

It was an awareness that caught me completely off guard.

Before this, I never thought about miracles manifesting in my life; and, if asked, I would probably have said miracles are things that happen to really exceptional people, the kind of people who catch whatever life throws at them and who still keep working to make things better for others. It’s like they deserve miracles more, right? I also figured that miracles played favourites anyway, just like lady luck—and I definitely didn’t see myself on the short list. And I was ok with that.

But then, the miracles happened. Two of them, together! It’s not like I’ve never experienced the miraculous wonders of life and nature before. It’s just that this time, I wasn’t looking for one—even though the holiday season would seem to be an appropriate time of year to expect them.

No, I was just sitting at my desk, routinely editing and fine-tuning, when the meaning of what I was actually writing about suddenly became translucent. It was like I was seeing beyond the stories I was writing about for the first time—and realizing that they were truly miraculous! That both of them happened in the West Shore made it even so!

See if you can find your own miracle in a few of our stories this month. Wishing you and yours joy, laughter and a crowd of miracles to welcome into your lives this holiday season!

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